Mini-Symposia CMBE2019

Click on the title to download the proposal. Authors interested in presenting an abstract in a mini-symposium are invited to contact the organisers. Contact details can be found on each proposal.


MS1: Lung biomechanical modeling and simulation (D. Chapelle, M. Genet and D. E. Hurtado)

MS2: Mathematical models for cancer growth and cellular mechanics (L. Shahriyari and L. Wang)

MS3: Translating cardiovascular mathematics to the bedside (F. Auricchio, A. L. Marsden, R. M. Romarowski and A. Veneziani)

MS4: Clinical application of computational biomechanics (R. Torii, C. Capelli, M. Nakamura and P. Nithiarasu)

MS5: Modeling blood as living tissue in computational hemodynamics (F. Nicoud and K. Manning)

MS6: In-vivo characterization and imaged-based modeling of tissue biomechanics (A. Aggarwal, C.-H. Lee and J. C. Brigham)

MS7: Multiscale computational models for respiratory aerosol dynamics with medical applications (Y. Feng and X. Chen)

MS8: Mathematical and numerical modeling of the heart function (D. Nordsletten, R. Sebastian and C. Vergara)

MS9: Reduced-order modelling for cardiovascular problems (J. Alastruey, E. Boileau, P. J. Blanco, A. W. Khir, J. P. Mynard, I. Sazonov, E. F. Toro, Y. V. Vassilevski, P. Nithiarasu)

MS10: Computational models for hypertension studies (E. F. Toro, F. Liang, J. Alastruey, P. J. Blanco, L. R. Hellevik, L. O. Müller, Y. Vassilevski)

MS11: Coronary blood flow modelling for fractional flow reserve prediction (L. O. Müller, F. Fossan, L. R. Hellevik, P. J. Blanco and C. A. Bulant)

MS12: Segmentation and registration for biomedical applications (X. Xie and M. Mirmehd)

MS13: Microcirculation modeling for diagnosis and treatment (Y. He, B. Liu, K. Qin, K. Yue, A. Zhang, and L. Xu)

MS14: Heat transfer in biomedical applications (M. Iasiello and A. Coccarelli)

MS15: Identifying and understanding cerebral aneurysms risk factors and their interactions (J. R. Cebral, S. Hirsch, A. M. Robertson and and P. Watton)

MS16: Inverse problems in soft tissue biomechanics and mechanobiology (S. Avril and J. Lu)

MS17: Session in honor of Prof. Rainald Lohner 60th bithday (J. R. Cebral and M. Vazquez)

MS18: Computational study on stent: from material to application (A. Qiao and H. Anzai)

MS19: Image processing and analysis in biomedical engineering (J. M. R. S. Tavares, R. M. N. Jorge and Y. Zhang)

MS20: Application of CT-Image based finite element method to orthopaedic biomechanics problems (M. Todo and Y. Inaba)

MS21: New CFD tools for clinical medicine (H. Suito and N. Saito)

MS22: Characterising uncertainty in biomedical models: Bayesian methods, inference, and uncertainty quantification (S. Pant and D. Lombardi)

MS23: Artificial intelligence and machine learning in biomedical engineering: methods and applications (S. Pant and D. Lombardi)

MS24: Reliability of CFD models of vascular diseases: from research to clincal applications (K. M. Saqr and S. Tupin)

MS25: Collaborative Researches between Bioengineering, JSME-JSNET (M. Ohta, M. Shojima, K. Takashima, S. Sugiyama, N. Sakai and M. Oshima)

MS26: Predictive computational vascular mechanics (T. C. Gasser, M. W. Gee and D. Valdez-Jasso)

MS27: Mimics innovation award ceremony (B. Dominguez Gonzalez and H. Ozaki)