Conference Programme

The conference programme is now available, please download here.


  • The programme includes 26 mini-symposia (MS) and 6 standard sessions (SS), divided into parallel sessions A to H. Please note that the following mini-symposia were merged or integrated with standard sessions:
  1. Computational Organ Preservation and Poroviscoelastic Computational Models of Soft Biological Tissue -> Standar Session II (B6)
  2. Biological Valve Function and Dynamics and Multi-Faceted Study of Thoracic Aortic Disease -> Standar Session III (D6)
  3. Surgical Simulations -> Standar Session IV (E6)
  4. Developments and Applications of Multi-Scale Inhaled Aerosol Dosimetry Models in Complete HUman Respiratory Systems -> Standar Session V (G6)
  5. Pulmonary Vascular Mechanics is currently scheduled as Standar Session VI (H6)
  6. Mathematical Models in Biomechanics Across the Scales: From Cells to Biological Tissues has been merged with Integrative Modelling of Soft Biological Tissues (C1, F2)
  • Time allocated for each oral presentation in sessions A-H is 15 minutes including questions.
  • Session keynotes (if any) are indicated. Please note that session keynotes are "titular" (allocated time is 15 min.), unless there is enough time.Talks can be formatted differently (informal, review instead or original research, etc.).
  • Computers will be available for the presentations in each venues. Alternatively, you can bring your laptop. Please allow enough time in advance to verify the equipment an/ord upload your presentation.
  • Posters will be on display 10-11 April. Please make sure to put your posters up before lunch on 10 April, and take them down before 18:30 on 11 April (posters left will be kept at the desk). Format for poster is A0 (portrait).